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SOS Avionics



1 (306) 352 8200

Give us a call any time and we would be happy to send you a free estimate or book you in!

Bookable Hanger Space

Book with us and we can get hanger space in the following airports allowing work all year round!


(more locations to come!)

Reasonable Rates

24-Month tests start from $350 CAD (additional costs for Class C Airspace requirements) and mileage rates at 0.59/km. 

Want/need additional work done?

Our hourly labour rate is $120 CAD for additional troubleshooting or installs


Got a larger install you want done? More than one plane needing work? Contact us about bulk rates. We will discount the mileage rates for jobs of 2+ aircraft needing 24-month tests done.

Emergency Locator Transmitters!

From a 121.5MHz Narco all the way to the 406MHz ACK E-04 we can re-certify. We can take your ELT back with us, replace the battery if needed, and ship it back to you quickly and easily. Or send us the ELT ahead of time and we will bring a re-certified ELT to install in your plane.